Eco-Trucking Alliance: JUNA’s Launch

Scania, a leader in the automotive industry, and sennder, a pioneer in digital road freight forwarding, have launched JUNA. This new venture combines Scania’s electric trucks with sennder’s digital logistics prowess to offer a pay-per-use model that simplifies the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) for transport companies.

Why It Matters

JUNA’s introduction signifies a critical step in decarbonizing Europe’s road logistics. By removing financial barriers and guaranteeing capacity, it addresses the challenge small carriers face when considering the switch to electric. This move aligns with the industry’s broader goal to sell only fossil-free commercial vehicles by 2040.

Eco-Trucking Alliance: JUNA's Launch

Key Points

  • Joint Venture Formation: Scania and sennder’s JUNA is based in Berlin, geared towards electrifying European road freight.
  • Innovative Model: Pay-per-use for electric trucks, without hefty upfront investments.
  • Pilot Success: The first customer is already operational, indicating a potential annual reduction of 93 tonnes of CO2 per truck.
  • Endorsements: David Nothacker of sennder and Gustaf Sundell of Scania have expressed strong support for JUNA’s role in sustainable transport.

Bottom Line

JUNA is poised to be a game-changer for Europe’s logistics sector by making electric trucks more accessible and economically feasible for small carriers. With its recent launch and successful pilot, JUNA is driving forward the electrification of road logistics, promising a more sustainable future for the industry. The collaboration between Scania and sennder is a testament to the power of combining expertise in vehicle manufacturing and digital services to overcome the barriers of adopting green technology.


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