Electreon Triumphs with Norway’s Pioneer Wireless Electric Road Project, Strengthening the Nordic EV Transition

Electreon emerges as the solitary tender winner for Norway’s inaugural wireless electric road project. This highlights the growing global trend of adopting renewable energy and transportation solutions.

What’s Happening

Electreon, a global pioneer in the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector, has won the exclusive tender from Trøndelag County’s Transportation Authority for the development of a wireless Electric Road System (ERS) in Norway. This project, expected to commence in summer 2024, marks Norway’s first steps into adopting wireless charging infrastructure for its extensive bus network.

Why It Matters

This groundbreaking initiative aims to establish an accessible, shared charging platform for AtB’s fleets comprising buses, e-trucks, and e-taxis in Trondheim. By delivering sustainable energy with zero visual impact, this wireless electric road will significantly reduce battery sizes, thus facilitating more sustainable en-route charging. Given Norway’s global recognition as an EV adoption leader and its commitment to phase out internal combustion engines by 2025, this project stands as a significant stride towards this goal.

Key Points

During the initial phase, the ERS will be located next to AtB AS main bus depot on a public road. The thorough evaluation of Electreon’s charging capabilities in different conditions will be conducted through a series of meticulous tests. These trials are expected to demonstrate the resilience and reliability of Electreon’s ERS, positioning it as a key energy provider for AtB’s BRT lines.

AtB, the entity responsible for planning, purchasing, and developing Trøndelag’s public transport services, operates around 320 buses across 170 routes. However, the electrification of these vehicles presents unique challenges due to the region’s lengthy routes, hilly terrain, and extreme climatic conditions. The project addresses these challenges by adopting Electreon’s ERS, enabling a reduction in the size of the buses’ batteries, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the electrification initiative.

Bottom Line

With the Electreon’s innovative technology, Norway seeks to overcome its electrification challenges, offering a promising future for sustainable transportation. As Electreon’s Business Development Manager for the Nordics, Maher Kasskawo states, their wireless charging solution ensures seamless transition to electric buses, operational efficiency, and the benefits of sustainable transportation. This partnership underscores the world’s increasing commitment to environmental sustainability and the wider global transition towards EVs.


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