Electric RV Revolution: Lightship’s $34M Boost

Lightship, the nation’s pioneer in all-electric recreational vehicles, has triumphantly secured a $34 million Series B funding. This significant financial injection is set to expedite the production of the groundbreaking Lightship L1, an all-electric travel trailer, marking a new era in environmentally conscious family pastimes.

This latest round of funding was co-led by Obvious Ventures and Prelude Ventures, with notable contributions from Allegis Capital and the global RV leader, THOR Industries, through its associate, TechNexus Venture Collaborative. The investment round also saw renewed commitment from existing stakeholders, including Congruent Ventures, HyperGuap, and Alumni Ventures.

The financing propels Lightship into an essential phase of growth, focusing on developing a robust manufacturing system and supply chain. The company’s inaugural pilot manufacturing is set to commence in Broomfield, Colorado, within the current year. This expansion is anticipated to generate a host of high-tech engineering and manufacturing jobs, addressing the soaring demand anticipated post-launch.

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At the core of Lightship’s innovation is the Lightship L1, a state-of-the-art, aerodynamically designed, battery-powered travel trailer. It’s equipped with an electric drivetrain, significantly reducing range or mile-per-gallon efficiency loss for the towing vehicle. This pioneering design positions the L1 as a trailblazer in the realm of recreational vehicles.

Andrew Beebe, Managing Director at Obvious Ventures, highlighted the transformative potential of the L1: “The electrification transformation doesn’t stop at passenger cars. What Ben, Toby and the team are bringing to life will revolutionize the road trip forever.”

The L1’s design breaks away from conventional RV architectures, prioritizing efficiency through a telescoping design that minimizes frontal area. Its robust features include a large battery energy storage system, electric propulsion, and ample solar power, enabling a week of off-grid capability. The L1’s debut this spring garnered widespread acclaim and an expanding waitlist, indicating a significant market interest.

Lightship Co-Founder and CEO Toby Kraus expressed pride in the company’s achievements and the warm reception of the L1: “Building an all-electric RV from the ground up and a brand-new U.S. based manufacturing company around that product has taken the hard work and dedication of an incredible team with outstanding support from our network of investors.”

Founded in 2020, Lightship is at the forefront of redefining the RV experience for the electric age. As the transition to an all-electric transportation ecosystem gains momentum, Lightship’s vision is to facilitate the electrification of pickup trucks and SUVs, enhancing the recreational experience for the approximately 1 in 10 American families who partake in this pastime. The company operates from San Francisco and Colorado, offering its innovative products directly to U.S. consumers via its website: lightshiprv.com.


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