Electrify America Begins 75 MW Renewable Energy Operations

Electrify America has inaugurated its 75 Megawatt (MW) Solar Glow™ 1 solar photovoltaic project in San Bernardino County, CA. This project was announced in the previous year and is a result of a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) with developer Terra-Gen.

Why It Matters

Electrify America’s commitment to renewable energy stands out as the most extensive open network of DC fast chargers in the U.S. This new solar project introduces a novel form of energy generation that might not have existed otherwise. By embarking on this venture, Electrify America has signaled its dedication to charging electric vehicles and doing so sustainably.

Key Points

  • Solar Capacity: The Solar Glow™ 1 is projected to yield 75 MW at its peak, which is analogous to the power required for 500 EVs charging simultaneously at an average speed of 150 kilowatts.
  • Annual Production: An anticipated 225 Gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy will be generated annually.
  • In Comparison: In 2022 alone, Electrify America powered over 5 million charging sessions, which is 3.5 times the number of sessions in 2021. This translated to about 173 GWh of electricity, facilitating nearly 493 million electrically driven miles and saving approximately 21 million gallons of gasoline.
  • Solar Plant Specifications: Located in San Bernardino County, CA, the Solar Glow™ 1 project spans over one square mile and is outfitted with more than 200,000 solar panels.

Bottom Line

Electrify America’s Solar Glow™ 1 is more than just an energy project; it’s a testament to the company’s resolve to diminish its carbon footprint. “This solar initiative emphasizes our 2022 pledge to supply all energy to our coast-to-coast public, ultra-fast DC charging network from 100% renewable sources,” commented Robert Barrosa, President and CEO of Electrify America. As electric vehicle ownership surges, Electrify America’s dedication to green energy ensures that the future of EV charging remains sustainable.


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