Elli Surpasses 500,000 Charging Stations Milestone

What’s Happening: Elli, Europe’s leading charging network provider, has reached a significant milestone with 500,000 charging stations under its purview. In just the past four months, Volkswagen Group’s charging and mobility brand has added 100,000 charging points to its network. Elli now offers customers access to 950 providers in 28 countries, easing cross-border charging for electric vehicles (EVs).

Why It Matters: A reliable, widespread charging infrastructure is essential for the widespread adoption of EVs, as it alleviates range anxiety for drivers. Elli’s rapid expansion and collaboration with strategic partners are contributing to a seamless charging network in Europe.

Key Points:

  • Thomas Schmall, CEO of Group Technology, sees the half-million charging points as an important milestone on the e-mobility roadmap.
  • Volkswagen Group is working to become a leading supplier of a smart charging and energy ecosystem and has steadily grown its partnerships since 2017.
  • Elli’s network now includes around 33,000 high-power charging (HPC) stations and 5,000 stations with the autonomous Plug&Charge technology.
  • Elli’s pricing model is transparent and available to drivers of all electric car brands, with Drive Free, Drive City, and Drive Highway rates applicable across borders.
  • Elli, with a workforce of 300 employees, offers a wide range of energy and charging solutions for private customers and companies, as well as digital solutions for public charging stations.

Bottom Line: Elli’s achievement of 500,000 charging stations and its ongoing expansion efforts demonstrate the company’s commitment to facilitating EV adoption in Europe. By offering a vast network of charging options and innovative technologies, Elli is playing a critical role in the transition to a more sustainable future for transportation.


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