EV Battery Recycling Hub in Poland

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Ascend Elements and Elemental Strategic Metals have joined forces to establish AE Elemental, a cutting-edge joint venture poised to pioneer in the electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling sector in Zawiercie, Poland. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step in addressing the growing demand for sustainable battery recycling solutions, essential for the burgeoning EV market. The facility, showcasing state-of-the-art technology, aims to significantly enhance the recycling of lithium-ion EV batteries, setting a new standard in the industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Joint Venture Formation: Ascend Elements and Elemental Strategic Metals launch AE Elemental.
  • Innovative Recycling Facility: A leading-edge facility in Zawiercie, Poland, with plans for another in Germany.
  • High Capacity Recycling: Potential to recycle approximately 28,000 EV batteries annually in Poland.
  • Future Expansion: A German facility expected to handle 58,000 EVs annually.
  • Strategic Investments: Commitment to advanced lithium extraction technology.

The AE Elemental facility in Zawiercie is not just another recycling plant; it represents a forward-thinking approach to the lifecycle of EV batteries. By disassembling, discharging, and shredding used batteries, the plant will produce black mass—a crucial component for manufacturing new EV battery materials, such as cathode active material (CAM) and cathode precursor (pCAM). This process underpins the joint venture’s capacity to recycle up to 12,000 metric tons of batteries per year.

Furthermore, AE Elemental is committed to scaling up its operations by incorporating lithium extraction capabilities, capable of processing up to 20,000 metric tons of black mass annually, with construction slated for Fall 2024 and operations commencing in 2026.

The expansion plans include the development of a new facility in central Germany, aiming to double the venture’s recycling capacity and further solidify AE Elemental’s presence in the European market.

Pawel Jarski, CEO of Elemental Holding, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with Ascend Elements is more than just a strategic move into the battery recycling industry, it is a transformative step towards becoming a key player in the battery materials industry.”

Mike O’Kronley, CEO of Ascend Elements, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the joint venture’s role in Ascend Elements’ European expansion and its contribution to meeting new EU recycling mandates.

AE Elemental’s formation is a testament to the growing emphasis on sustainability and circular economy principles within the EV industry. This venture not only addresses the immediate need for efficient battery recycling solutions but also positions Ascend Elements and Elemental Strategic Metals at the forefront of an evolving market.

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