EV Connect Collaborates with Leaders for NEVI-Compliant Solutions

EV Connect is expanding its partnership ecosystem to cater to the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program led by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Together with a vast network of NEVI-compliant partners, EV Connect aims to facilitate state-level electric vehicle (EV) charging projects.

Why It Matters

The NEVI Program’s mission, backed by a $5 billion budget, is to strategically deploy DC Fast Charging infrastructure. This initiative allows eligible projects to recover up to 80% of approved costs through NEVI grants. EV Connect’s partnership expansion makes it simpler for states to adhere to the program’s rigorous criteria, ensuring efficient EV charging deployment.

Key Points

  • EV Connect’s NEVI Software Package guarantees:
    • Interoperability of charging networks.
    • Streamlined data collection, access, and reliability.
  • Notable collaborators in the charging industry ecosystem include:
    • Financial contributors such as Luminace.
    • Infrastructure suppliers like Schneider Electric.
    • Installation facilitators available via Qmerit.
    • Hardware producers like ABB E-Mobility, BTC POWER, FreeWire, Tritium, and Zerova.
    • Operations and maintenance experts like InCharge Energy, Pearce, and Qmerit.
  • It’s platform meets all NEVI requirements, from data access, payment security, to ensuring a reliable charging experience.
  • States like Hawaii have already benefited from NEVI funding and EV Connect’s charging solutions.

Bottom Line

The company’s strengthened alliances with industry leaders ensure that states can harness the NEVI Program’s benefits. The collaboration aims to optimize EV charging infrastructure, ensuring convenience and reliability for all stakeholders. By fostering such partnerships and adhering to NEVI’s guidelines, EV Connect and its associates are catalyzing the United States’ shift towards a more sustainable transport landscape.


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