EV Tire Wear Concerns Rise

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Owners Report Faster Tire Wear, leading to dissatisfaction compared to their gas-powered counterparts, a new study by J.D. Power reveals. This widening satisfaction gap signals a need for better education on EV-specific tire wear dynamics and collaboration between tire manufacturers and automakers to address the challenges without compromising on other performance areas.

Key Highlights:

  • EV owners experience faster tire wear compared to gas-powered vehicle owners, affecting overall satisfaction.
  • Michelin leads in luxury, passenger car, and performance sport segments.
  • Falken tops the truck/utility segment rankings.
  • The study emphasizes the importance of educating EV owners on expected tire performance and wear.
  • Collaboration between tire manufacturers and automakers is essential to balance tire wear with vehicle range.

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Study Findings in Detail:

The 2024 U.S. Original Equipment Tire Customer Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power, based on feedback from 31,414 vehicle owners, highlights a significant satisfaction gap in tire wear between electric and gas-powered vehicles. Despite similar expectations, EVs, due to their heavier weight and higher torque, naturally exhibit quicker tire wear. Ashley Edgar, a senior director at J.D. Power, stresses the opportunity for industry stakeholders to bridge the information gap and work collaboratively to mitigate this challenge as the EV market grows.

Rankings Overview:

  • Luxury Segment: Michelin leads for the 21st year with a score of 834.
  • Passenger Car Segment: Michelin tops again with 823.
  • Performance Sport Segment: Michelin ranks highest with 833.
  • Truck/Utility Segment: Falken takes the lead with 818.

The study evaluates tire owner satisfaction across four dimensions: ride, wear, traction/handling, and appearance, covering various vehicle segments. It underscores the evolving dynamics in tire performance expectations amidst the rising popularity of electric vehicles.

For further insights and detailed rankings, visit J.D. Power’s official site.

About J.D. Power:

J.D. Power, established in 1968, stands as a global authority in automotive data, analytics, and consumer insights, aiding the automotive and selected industries in enhancing performance through advanced data analysis and AI tools. With a comprehensive portfolio of advisory solutions, J.D. Power continues to serve its global clientele from offices across continents.

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