EVCS Embarks on Major Rollout of EV Chargers at Leading Fitness Chains across the West Coast

What’s Happening

EVCS, one of the leading electric vehicle fast-charging network operators on the West Coast, will install 165 EV chargers across 23 LA Fitness and one Esporta Fitness club in California, Oregon, and Washington. This marks a pivotal development in EVCS’s collaboration with Fitness International, LLC, one of the nation’s premier health club operators.

Why It Matters

The enhancement of charging infrastructure at prominent fitness centers represents a significant stride in promoting a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, aligning with the broader transition to electric mobility. As the initiative advances, electric vehicle (EV) drivers can expect a variety of fast-charging options available at the participating LA Fitness and Esporta Fitness locations, further accelerating the adoption of EVs across the West Coast.

Key Points

The EVSC project includes 143 DC Fast and 22 Level 2 chargers, spreading across multiple California, Oregon, and Washington locations. Key Californian locations encompassing Van Nuys, Pasadena, San Diego, Fremont, and more are witnessing the initial phase of installations, with Oregon and Washington soon to follow. All chargers will utilize 100% renewable energy, with 40 chargers able to fully charge vehicles in just 30 minutes. This rollout is scheduled for completion by June 2024.

Bottom Line

In addition to the notable installation milestone, EVCS has launched the Essential Anytime plan – a flexible, cost-efficient subscription designed for EV drivers who charge both at home and publicly while also accessing more than one public EV charging network. By offering four different monthly subscription plans, EVCS is looking to provide a seamless charging experience for EV drivers at their preferred fitness centers, making daily charging more accessible and affordable. This reinforces the company’s commitment to supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles on the West Coast.


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