Fisker Delivers First Ocean All-Electric SUV to Customer in Denmark

What’s Happening

Fisker Inc., a company committed to creating sustainable and emotionally captivating electric vehicles, has announced the delivery of the first Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV to a customer. The delivery took place at the newly inaugurated Fisker Center+ facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, with Fisker Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker personally handing over the keys to the new owner.

Why It Matters

This milestone signifies a crucial step in the company’s mission to revolutionize the automotive industry by offering eco-friendly and visually striking electric vehicles. The Fisker Ocean is designed to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers seeking high-performance, sustainable transportation. With this delivery, Fisker proves it is capable of fulfilling its promise to deliver innovative electric vehicles to the market.

Key Points

The first Fisker Ocean delivered is a limited Ocean One launch edition model, featuring a striking Great White exterior paintwork, 22” AirGlider Black alloy wheels, and a pristine white Sea Salt interior with white AlcantaraTM seats. The Fisker Ocean One- and Extreme-specification models boast the highest driving range among battery-electric SUVs in the European market, achieving 707km/440 UK miles WLTP range on 20” wheels and tires, and 701km/436 UK miles on 22” optional wheels and tires.

Customers interested in the Fisker Ocean can explore and customize their vehicle through the Fisker website, making it a seamless and personalized experience for potential buyers.

Bottom Line

California-based Fisker Inc. is making significant strides in transforming the automotive industry by aligning individual mobility with nature. The company’s dedication to creating the world’s most sustainable and emotionally appealing electric vehicles has been brought to life with the delivery of the first Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV. This achievement underscores Fisker’s commitment to a cleaner future for all and the potential for further growth and innovation in the electric vehicle market.


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