Fisker Ocean Gets Final 2023 Software Boost, Ready for Feature-Packed 2024

Fisker isn’t slowing down. After two major over-the-air (OTA) updates in 2023, the Fisker Ocean electric SUV receives its final software upgrade of the year, Version 1.11. But the real excitement lies in 2024, with Fisker promising a steady stream of new features and improvements.

Version 1.11: More Than Bug Fixes

This latest update isn’t just about squishing bugs. Owners can expect a handful of new features, including:

  • Trips: Track your drives, from daily commutes to epic road trips, with details like distance, duration, and energy consumption.
  • Screen Cleaning Mode: Safely remove smudges and fingerprints from your central touchscreen.
  • Navigation enhancements: Improved accuracy and user experience.
  • Bluetooth and California Mode upgrades: Smoother audio streaming, hands-free calling, and California Mode functionality.
  • Expanded language options: More EU languages to choose from.

2024: A Year of Continuous Evolution

Fisker isn’t resting on its laurels. In 2024, Ocean owners can look forward to even more exciting additions:

  • SolarSky roof optimization: Maximize energy capture from the sun.
  • Dynamic torque split: Optimize power delivery between front and rear wheels for enhanced driving performance.
  • Hill-holding and one-pedal driving: Convenient features for smoother hill starts and one-foot operation.
  • Personalized vehicle sounds: Customize the external sounds your Ocean makes and adjust lock/unlock audio cues.
  • Improved key fob functionality: Enhanced responsiveness and features.
  • Enhanced audio experience: Richer sound quality and features.
  • Pet Mode: Keep your furry friends comfortable.
  • Advanced ADAS features: Upgraded driver-assistance systems for added safety.

The OTA Advantage

Fisker’s commitment to OTA updates is a clear differentiator. Owners benefit from a constantly evolving car, with new features and improvements delivered wirelessly, eliminating the need for service visits. This approach also allows Fisker to quickly respond to customer feedback and address any issues that arise.

Get Ready for More Ocean

With Version 1.11 and the promise of a feature-packed 2024, the Fisker Ocean is shaping up to be a truly future-proof electric vehicle. The ability to continuously improve through software updates ensures that your Ocean will always be at the cutting edge of technology and driving experience.


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