FLO Embraces North America Charging Standard for EV Stations: Driving Towards a Greener Future

FLO’s Chief Product Officer Nathan Yang applauds the adoption of the North America Charging Standard (NACS) by multiple automakers. The company anticipates this standardization will boost the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience.

What’s Happening

FLO’s Chief Product Officer, Nathan Yang, has made a public statement supporting the move of several automakers towards adopting the North America Charging Standard (NACS). This announcement signals FLO’s commitment to this standard, anticipating that the move will eradicate potential confusion for EV drivers.

Why It Matters

The widespread acceptance of NACS is linked to its prevalent use among EV drivers and the trustworthiness of stations presently offering NACS. As an industry frontrunner in reliability, FLO maintains an impressive 98%+ uptime, illustrating their dedication to delivering an unrivaled EV charging experience for their users. The adoption of NACS by FLO emphasizes their objective of meeting the technological needs and preferences of their drivers.

Key Points

FLO operates as a vertically integrated entity, providing it with the flexibility needed to adopt the standards that their customers prefer. This adaptability, paired with FLO’s flexible approach to hardware, software, and network design and engineering, enables the company to swiftly adopt new technologies and standards. The FLO Ultra™ fast charger, one of their latest stations, is already engineered to support NACS cables, following customer or site host requests.

Bottom Line

FLO is devoted to providing the best possible charging experience for all drivers. The company plans to announce an option for customers with existing stations to incorporate NACS on compatible stations, further demonstrating their dedication to continuous improvement. For more information on how FLO measures uptime, visit 98% Uptime.

This move towards the North America Charging Standard is a significant step in the company’s pursuit of optimizing the EV charging experience, adhering to customer preferences and supporting the green transportation revolution.


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