Ford Launches “Fredom of Choice” Campaign

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Ford has launched a new brand campaign emphasizing its diverse “Freedom of Choice” vehicle lineup, providing consumers with an array of options including gas, hybrid, and electric models. Tailored to meet various needs such as work, adventure, and family activities, this lineup is featured prominently across multiple media platforms.

Key Highlights

  • New campaign across all media platforms: Includes the spotlight on the versatile 2024 F-150 with gas, hybrid, and electric options.
  • Three promotional spots: The campaign includes the “Get Things Done,” “Starting Line,” and “Power to Do” ads.
  • Revamped An enhanced online shopping experience simplifies finding the ideal vehicle and powertrain.
  • Wide range of powertrains: From the full-size F-150 options to the compact Ford Maverick, along with off-road and high-performance variants.
  • Advanced in-car technology: Features like Ford BlueCruise and the Ford Digital Experience enhance user interaction.

The campaign kicked off with the F-150-focused “Get Things Done” spot, launched on April 12, showcasing not only the 2024 F-150’s capabilities in gas and hybrid models but also the electric F-150 Lightning. This initiative highlights the model’s adaptability for various uses, from everyday commutes to heavy-duty tasks.

Lisa Materazzo, Ford’s global chief marketing officer, shared her vision for the campaign, “Even more important than the power our customers choose, is what they choose to do with that power.” She elaborated on the diverse applications of Ford vehicles, ranging from off-roading to transporting teams and equipment, emphasizing that Ford vehicles are designed to fuel passions and facilitate tasks.

In addition to the media spots, Ford has significantly upgraded the shopping experience on, making it easier for customers to navigate and select their preferred vehicle configurations. For truck enthusiasts, Ford offers unique choices with the F-150 available in gas, hybrid, and electric forms. Smaller urban models like the Ford Maverick also come in both standard and hybrid variants, ensuring there is a Ford truck suitable for every need.

The campaign also underscores Ford’s commitment to versatility within the vehicle itself. Several Ford models now offer Ford BlueCruise, a leading hands-free highway driving aid. The 2025 Ford Explorer introduces the Ford Digital Experience, integrating popular apps and services, which can be accessed from various devices, enhancing the in-car experience.

By offering a comprehensive range of vehicles and technologies, Ford continues to cater to the evolving needs of modern drivers, ensuring that there is a perfect Ford vehicle for every lifestyle and requirement.

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