Ford Pro Unveils Advanced Charging Solutions for Fleets

Ford Pro, the commercial arm of Ford Motor Company, has announced the expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) charging offerings with the introduction of the new Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp and an extended range of DC Fast Charger options. These charging solutions are tailored for commercial use and are now available for pre-order.

Why It Matters

This initiative is part of Ford Pro’s commitment to facilitating the transition of commercial fleets to electric mobility. The company aims to offer end-to-end charging solutions that cater to both Ford and non-Ford electric vehicles, thereby accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in the commercial sector.

Key Points

  • The Series 2 AC Charging Station 80 amp boasts several features designed to enhance user experience, including:
    • Detachable cables and connectors for easier service and repair.
    • RFID-enabled security to restrict unauthorized access to the charging stations.
    • Pre-configured cellular and optional Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity to suit different location needs.
  • The new DC Fast Charger options are available in 180kW and 240kW capacities, offering faster charging times and more flexibility for fleet operators.
  • Ford Pro’s BEV Fit team offers complimentary consulting services to assist businesses in identifying incentives and designing efficient charging infrastructures.
  • Ford Pro’s charging solutions are compatible with the company’s smart charging software, enabling fleet managers to optimize charging times and locations, while also providing performance insights.

Bottom Line

Ford Pro’s upgraded charging solutions, backed by a 3-year warranty and 24/7 technical support, are an integral part of the company’s holistic approach to commercial EV deployment. The new charging stations not only serve to make the transition to electric mobility smoother for commercial fleets, but also aim to sustain this change by offering future-ready technology and comprehensive support services.

Ford Pro continues to lead the way in the commercial vehicle sector, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and sustainability that positions them at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution.


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