General Motors Partners with Tesla to Enhance EV Charging Access: Unified Charging Standards on the Horizon

General Motors collaborates with Tesla to integrate the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector design into its EVs from 2025. This move doubles down on GM’s commitment to a unified charging standard, expands charging access to Tesla Supercharger network, and paves the way for seamless EV adoption.

What’s Happening

General Motors Co. (GM) has revealed plans to collaborate with Tesla. The venture aims to incorporate the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector design into GM’s electric vehicles (EVs) from 2025 onwards. This partnership also promises to extend GM EV drivers’ charging access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America.

Why It Matters

This partnership underscores GM’s focus on extending charging access across various locations such as homes, workplaces, and public areas. It supplements the brand’s current investments in charging, augmenting the 134,000-plus chargers presently accessible to GM EV drivers via the Ultium Charge 360 initiative and mobile apps.

GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration, as it is a significant step toward enabling expansive access to fast chargers, ultimately contributing to the mass adoption of EVs.

Key Points

From 2024, GM EV drivers will be able to utilize the Tesla Supercharger Network, albeit with the necessity of an adapter. Starting from 2025, the first batch of GM EVs featuring a NACS inlet will be produced, enabling direct access to Tesla Superchargers without an adapter. GM also plans to provide adapters for NACS-enabled vehicles to enable charging at CCS-capable fast charge stations in the future.

Moreover, GM will incorporate the Tesla Supercharger Network into its vehicle and mobile applications, enabling drivers to locate, pay for, and commence charging at available Tesla Superchargers with ease. This addition will supplement the growing Ultium Charge 360 Network of charging stations, as well as other charging stations GM provides via existing collaborations with other charging networks.

Bottom Line

In the quest to foster a sustainable future, GM continues to cooperate with industry stakeholders to expedite the installation of home, work, and public charging facilities under its Ultium Charge 360 initiative. This includes partnerships with Pilot Company and EVgo that will supplement over 5,000 DC fast chargers to the nearly 13,000 existing ones in North America. Coupled with the recent collaboration with Tesla, GM customers will benefit from one of the largest integrated networks of high-power charging stations in North America. This strategic alignment holds immense potential to shape the future of EV charging standards and adoption.


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