Genesis Unveils New Features for Its Luxury Electric Vehicle Line-up

What’s Happening

Genesis, the luxury Korean car brand, is introducing an array of groundbreaking technologies in its electric vehicle line-up for 2023. These enhancements are expected to improve the ownership experience for Genesis customers. The brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional style, quality, and technology are exhibited in the new features and improvements.

Why It Matters

Since the launch of its first all-electric car, GV60, in 2021, Genesis has positioned itself as a leader in the premium luxury electric car market. The company’s continual dedication to innovation, as shown in its 2023 line-up, will shape the future of the automobile industry, particularly in connected mobility and electric vehicle technology.

Key Points

The award-winning all-electic GV60 now comes equipped with facial recognition technology, a world-first in the automotive industry. The feature, known as Face Connect, is part of an advanced keyless entry system and allows drivers to access their car using their face alone.

Complementing the Face Connect is the Digital Key 2.0 and Fingerprint Authentication, which provide further security and accessibility features. Digital Key 2.0 allows car owners to share access to their vehicle with up to three different smartphone users.

The brand’s commitment to the luxury ownership experience is exemplified by the addition of the Plug & Charge capability. The feature simplifies in-car payment and the charging process for drivers. Other enhancements include Ergomotion and Relaxation front seats as a standard in GV60, offering unmatched comfort.

The Electrified G80, another remarkable Genesis electric vehicle, has also been refined for 2023 to deliver even more comfort and customization.

Bottom Line

These cutting-edge technologies introduced by Genesis not only elevate the electric vehicle experience but also reaffirm Genesis’s dedication to leading in innovation. From facial recognition technology for vehicle access to effortless in-car payment for electric charging, Genesis is reshaping the landscape of premium electric vehicles. By 2025, all new Genesis cars will be pure electric, following the brand’s vision to become carbon net zero by 2035. These innovations signify Genesis’s commitment to a sustainable, technologically-advanced future in the automotive industry.


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