Georgia Power Donates $5 Million to Boost E-Mobility at University of Georgia

What’s Happening: Georgia Power Company has made a historic $5 million donation to the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Engineering, with the aim of positioning the university as a leader in electric mobility (e-mobility). The announcement was made during the second annual Electric Mobility Summit hosted by UGA.

Why It Matters: The generous gift from Georgia Power, the largest in the College of Engineering’s history, is set to fund a range of e-mobility-related programs and opportunities. These include electric transportation for cars, bicycles, and aircraft, as well as their accompanying technologies and infrastructure. The collaboration between Georgia Power and UGA seeks to advance the e-mobility sector in Georgia, benefitting the state’s economy and future generations.

Key Points:

  • The $5 million donation will be allocated across four areas: cultivating an E-Mobility Network, E-Mobility Scholarships, E-Mobility Research, and E-Mobility Community Partnerships.
  • The gift will help expand UGA’s Certificate in E-Mobility program, increase access to e-mobility opportunities for underrepresented communities, and support research on battery technology and design.
  • The donation follows Georgia Power’s $250,000 gift in April 2022 to create the Georgia Power Electric Mobility Distinguished Professorship, an endowed faculty position in the College of Engineering.
  • Since 2018, 35 electric-vehicle-related projects have committed more than $23 billion in realized or planned investments in Georgia, with companies like Rivian, Hyundai Motor Group, and SK Battery America leading the way.

Bottom Line: Georgia Power’s $5 million gift to UGA represents a significant investment in the e-mobility sector and the state of Georgia. This collaboration aims to advance research, education, and community engagement in e-mobility, ultimately contributing to the state’s economic development and the growth of the industry. The partnership between Georgia Power and UGA demonstrates a commitment to fostering innovation and preparing the workforce for the future of electric mobility.


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