GM Energy Innovates Home Energy Management with Three Exclusive Ultium Home Bundle Options

Embrace the future of home energy management with GM Energy’s new Ultium Home offerings. Learn about the new bundles designed for energy independence and how you can make the most of vehicle-to-home charging and stationary storage.

What’s Happening

GM Energy, a General Motors subsidiary, has introduced its first retail offerings: three Ultium Home product bundles, with each uniquely designed to cater to varied customer energy needs and budget restrictions. These products aim to bolster energy independence, resilience, and value by providing backup power for essential home needs during grid outages.

Why It Matters

The announcement demonstrates the company’s continued expansion in connected products and services, offering customers increased autonomy in managing their energy use. According to Wade Sheffer, GM Energy’s Vice President, these initial Ultium Home bundles “represent an opportunity for customers to take greater control over their personal energy independence and resiliency.”

Key Points

The three unique bundle options include the Ultium Home V2H Bundle, the Ultium Home Energy System, and the Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle. The Ultium Home V2H Bundle allows compatible GM EV owners to utilize V2H functionality, while the Ultium Home Energy System is designed for customers seeking to use their compatible GM EVs for both V2H functionality and stationary storage. Lastly, the Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle integrates stationary storage into homes without the need for an EV.

SunPower, GM Energy’s exclusive solar provider and a preferred EV charger installer, will offer solar integration to these bundles, enabling customers to harness clean energy directly from their rooftops.

Bottom Line

GM Energy’s Ultium Home offerings aim to offer residential customers greater energy independence, resiliency, and value. Each product will be connected to the GM Energy Cloud, a software platform that facilitates the seamless management of energy transfer between all GM Energy assets. While the MSRP and delivery timeline for each bundle will vary, more information about its product and service offerings through Ultium Home, Ultium Commercial, and Ultium Charge 360 can be found at

GM Energy’s offerings represent an innovative step forward in the energy management sector, leveraging technology to allow consumers to take charge of their energy use, while contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem.


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