GM Funds AI-Driven Battery Innovator Mitra Chem

General Motors (GM) has initiated a $60 million Series B investment in Mitra Chem, a leading Silicon Valley firm specializing in AI-driven battery materials. The collaboration aims to advance the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in the U.S., leveraging Mitra Chem’s state-of-the-art R&D facility situated in Mountain View, California.

Why It Matters

GM’s investment underscores the automotive giant’s commitment to making electric mobility more accessible and affordable. By tapping into Mitra Chem’s proprietary AI technology, GM seeks to expedite developing and commercializing batteries that can power a new generation of vehicles.

Key Points

  • Mitra Chem and GM are collaborating on the development of advanced iron-based cathode active materials (CAM), notably lithium manganese iron phosphate (LMFP).
  • This partnership aims to produce affordable EV batteries that are seamlessly integrated with GM’s signature EV propulsion system, the Ultium Platform.
  • Funds from GM will enable Mitra Chem to amplify its operations and fast-track their cutting-edge battery materials to the market.
  • Mitra Chem’s R&D capabilities allow for the simulation, synthesis, and testing of a vast array of cathode designs each month, thus shortening the time to market.
  • The company’s “atoms-to-tons acceleration platform” is a unique feature, employing simulations and physics-backed machine learning models to hasten various stages of battery development.

Bottom Line GM’s strategic partnership aims to further strengthen its position in the electric vehicle battery domain. As Gil Golan, GM vice president of Technology Acceleration and Commercialization, remarks, the collaboration will augment GM’s endeavors in battery technologies and catalyze the evolution of a U.S.-centric battery supply chain. On the other hand, with GM’s backing, Mitra Chem looks forward to advancing its mission of rolling out U.S-made, iron-based cathode materials for an array of applications, from EVs to grid-scale energy storage.


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