GreenPower’s West Virginia Plant Roars to Life

A new era of clean transportation rolled out of West Virginia today as GreenPower Motor Company delivered its first four all-electric school buses, the Nano BEASTs, to four lucky school districts across the state. This milestone marks the culmination of a 24-month journey that transformed a dormant facility into a hub of green innovation, creating jobs and delivering cleaner air for West Virginia’s children.

“This is a significant achievement, not just for GreenPower, but for the entire electric school bus industry,” declared GreenPower CEO Fraser Atkinson. He lauded the partnership with West Virginia, praising their crucial role in securing the facility and purchasing $15 million in buses.

The Nano BEAST, a Type A electric bus seating up to 24, is just the beginning. GreenPower’s South Charleston plant is now equipped to produce the larger BEAST, a 40-foot behemoth seating up to 90, with production slated for early 2024.

West Virginia officials hailed the project as a win-win for the environment and the economy. “GreenPower is providing cleaner air for our students while creating good-paying jobs,” stated Senator Craig Blair, the state’s Lt. Governor. Delegate Christopher Toney, a school bus driver himself, echoed the sentiment, praising the bus’s smooth ride and quiet operation.

The impact extends beyond the immediate beneficiaries. As Delegate Joe Statler, Vice Chairman of the Education Committee, put it, “GreenPower’s buses are built here, by our people, for our children.”

Local officials also expressed pride. “South Charleston is proud to be the birthplace of these GreenPower Beasts,” declared Mayor Frank Mullens. “They’re not just buses, they’re a symbol of our city’s bright future.”

This is just the first chapter in GreenPower’s West Virginia story. With the BEAST and the Mega BEAST (boasting a 300-mile range) on the horizon, the future looks electrifying. As Senator Eric Tarr concluded, “GreenPower’s success highlights the power of collaboration. When we work together, the results are truly staggering.”


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