Honda Commences Mass Production of 2023 CR-V Hybrid at East Liberty Auto Plant

EAST LIBERTY, Ohio – Honda’s East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) in Ohio has started the mass production of the 2023 Honda CR-V hybrid. The launch of the CR-V hybrid follows the launch of the gasoline-powered CR-V in October.

The new hybrid model features a two-motor hybrid system produced at Honda’s Ohio Transmission Plant (TMP-OH) and a refined Atkinson-cycle engine unique to hybrid models, which is made at the Anna Engine Plant (AEP) in Ohio. This represents a significant step in Honda’s electrification strategy and starting from 2023, approximately 50% of the CR-V’s annual sales in the US will be powered by the two-motor hybrid-electric system.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Honda’s electrification journey and excited to start mass production of the 2023 CR-V hybrid,” said Keith Strickland, Plant Lead at ELP. “I’d like to thank the ELP team for their hard work in preparing to deliver these quality vehicles to our dealers and customers.”

The 2023 CR-V hybrid is being manufactured at three Honda plants: the Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM), the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP), and ELP. All three plants worked closely with AEP and TMP-OH, who are responsible for the new powertrain.

The 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine, built at AEP, is the first Honda engine to combine high-pressure direct-injection with multistage injection, resulting in a clean combustion process. The two-motor hybrid-electric system produced at TMP-OH features a new arrangement with engines of different sizes mounted side-by-side.


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