Hyundai Mobis Develops In-Wheel Motor System, Aiming for Mass Production

What’s Happening: Hyundai Mobis revealed on March 20 that they have successfully developed an in-wheel motor system that allows individual control of each wheel. The company has developed key technologies for this system, including the drive motor and controller, in-house. Currently, Hyundai Mobis is testing the in-wheel system’s reliability for mass production using the IONIQ 5 in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company.

Why It Matters: The in-wheel motor system is a groundbreaking technology that has not yet been mass-produced globally. Hyundai Mobis began working on this system in 2010 in response to the growing electric vehicle market. The in-wheel system presents various challenges, including ensuring driving performance and durability.

Hyundai Mobis Develops In-Wheel Motor System, Aiming for Mass Production

Key Points:

  • The in-wheel system boasts increased driving and power efficiency, longer cruising range, enhanced driving performance, and unique steering modes.
  • The technology eliminates the need for separate power transmission components, such as drive shafts, thus improving power efficiency.
  • In-wheel systems help increase the driving range of electric vehicles by freeing up space inside the vehicle.
  • Efficient torque distribution in all four directions reportedly improves turn movement and power efficiency by around 20% or more.
  • Unique features like crab walking and zero turns are available with the in-wheel system.

Bottom Line: Hyundai Mobis unveiled the e-Corner system, based on the IONIQ 5, at CES 2023. The e-Corner system is an integrated solution that combines electronic steering, braking, and suspension technologies centered around the in-wheel motor. The company is currently developing the e-Corner system by installing it in real cars, aiming to complete the development within the next five years. Oh Heung-sub, Executive Vice President and Head of Electrification at Hyundai Mobis, stated that they plan to finalize the development of this durable and reliable technology by the end of this year and continue to refine it in preparation for the future of mobility.


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