InCharge Unveils 19.2kW EV Charger for Fleets

InCharge Energy electrifies fleet charging with the Dual ICE-80A, a Level 2 beast delivering simultaneous 19.2kW charging on both cables. This industry-first innovation empowers fleets with faster charging, smart energy management, and cost-effective scalability.

“We’re thrilled to provide fleet managers with a charger that ticks all the boxes,” says Nikolas Runge, Interim CTO at InCharge. “From blistering speed to government certifications and a competitive price, the Dual ICE-80A is the backbone of a future-proof charging infrastructure.”

Ideal for fleets with longer dwell times, the ICE-80A shines for overnight charging and precise battery monitoring. Its CTEP/NTEP certification opens doors to public and semi-public charging operations.

Built to last, the ICE-80A boasts a rugged steel enclosure and high-performance internals, making it a champion for heavy-duty use. Its compact footprint minimizes installation costs and damage risks.

Smart energy management is key. The ICE-80A seamlessly integrates with backend or on-site controllers for scheduled charging, even offline. Pair it with InCharge’s InControl™ CMS for cost-optimized charging based on grid demand, available electricity, and fleet needs.

Financing options like InCharge Charging as a Service (CaaS) make the ICE-80A accessible to diverse fleets.

Ready to electrify your fleet? Visit for full specs.

InCharge Energy: Simplifying fleet electrification in North America. We offer end-to-end solutions, from reliable charging hardware to innovative software like InControl™. Our rapid service response, continent-wide technician network, and financing options ensure worry-free charging at a predictable cost. Headquartered in the world’s first zero-emissions delivery zone, InCharge is backed by ABB E-Mobility and committed to powering a sustainable future for fleets across North America.


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