Introducing Alpha’s ORYX Electric Trucks

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Alpha Motor Corporation introduces the ORYX series, a new lineup of commercial light-duty trucks based on the innovative WOLF electric truck platform. Expanding their presence in the fleet market, Alpha leverages its modular vehicle platform to cater to mainstream mobility needs with enhanced efficiency and flexibility. The ORYX series is engineered for versatility, functioning both as robust commercial vehicles and practical daily drivers.

Key Highlights

  • Modular Technology: The backbone of ORYX is its modular chassis system, which allows for interchangeable components and power systems, adapting seamlessly to different operational needs.
  • Versatility and Customization: ORYX trucks feature a 7.2-foot extended bed and customizable body-on-frame construction, making them ideal for various commercial applications.
  • Sustainability and Performance: Equipped with sustainable power options, ORYX trucks ensure optimal performance while supporting eco-friendly business practices.
  • Spacious and Functional: The ORYX PLUS model offers an extended cabin, accommodating up to four passengers, ideal for businesses requiring more cabin space.

Advanced Features for Commercial Utility

The ORYX series boasts a host of features designed for commercial efficiency and adaptability. Edward Lee, CEO of Alpha Motor Corporation, emphasized the capability of the platform: “Alpha’s modular vehicle technology efficiently addresses a wide range of mobility needs. With ORYX targeting the commercial sector, we are confident that it will help accelerate net-zero emissions.”

Durability and Flexibility: ORYX trucks are built to withstand the demands of various work environments, from urban streets to construction sites. Their extended beds and flatbed design offer considerable flexibility for cargo handling.

Customization Options: The modular structure of the WOLF platform facilitates easy customization, allowing businesses to tailor trucks to specific operational requirements.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Electric Commercial Vehicles

ORYX aligns with the global shift towards Electric Light Commercial Vehicles (ELCVs). With significant investments in electric mobility, such as the U.S. plan to electrify over 645,000 federal fleet vehicles by 2035, ORYX is well-positioned to meet these emerging needs. Additionally, the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in regions like the Middle East and Europe further underscores the importance of Alpha’s expansion into these markets.

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About Alpha Motor Corporation

Based in Irvine, California, Alpha Motor Corporation is committed to developing sustainable mobility solutions that enhance both human and environmental wellness. With a focus on advanced automotive technologies and innovative industrial practices, Alpha continues to provide forward-thinking electric vehicles that meet the dynamic needs of modern transportation.

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