IONNA EV Charger Network Goes Live

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IONNA, a high-powered EV charging network backed by seven major automakers, has officially begun operations in North America. The joint venture received regulatory approval and aims to install a minimum of 30,000 chargers across the continent.

IONNA has appointed Seth Cutler, a seasoned EV charging industry veteran, as its Chief Executive Officer. Cutler brings experience from past roles at EV Connect and Electrify America.

Cutler’s Vision

“I am honored to lead IONNA and work alongside these esteemed automakers in shaping the future of electric mobility,” said Seth Cutler, CEO of IONNA. “Our shared commitment to creating an extensive, high-powered charging network reflects our dedication to revolutionizing the entire EV charging experience and helping to drive widespread EV adoption.”

Focusing on the Customer

The IONNA network will go beyond simple charging functionality. The venture emphasizes amenities like restrooms, food service, and retail operations nearby or on-site. The company will prioritize convenient locations, often with canopies for weather protection. The chargers will be universally accessible to EVs using NACS or CCS connectors.

IONNA also promises a seamless, in-vehicle charging experience integrated with participating automakers’ apps for features like reservations, route planning, and payment. Network stations will prioritize renewable energy sources.

Initial Rollout

IONNA’s first US-based charging stations are planned to open in 2024, with a later expansion into Canada. Each site will include multiple high-powered chargers for easy long-distance travel.


IONNA LLC is a joint venture formed by BMW, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis. The company aims to be a dominant force in North American fast-charging infrastructure, enhancing the appeal of EVs for consumers.

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