Jim Rowan Of Volvo Cars Talks Mobility at EV Conference

BEIJING – The 8th China EV 100 was held in Beijing from March 25th to 27th, with the theme of “Embracing a New Stage of NEV’s Market-Driven Growth”. In-depth discussions were made on policy adjustment in the NEV market development, international cooperation and policy synergy under the carbon neutrality goal, and industrialization, investment and innovation of next-generation power batteries. In addition, the new CEO and President of Volvo Cars, Mr. Jim Rowan, was invited to deliver a speech via video. It was the first public appearance of Mr. Jim Rowan since he took up his new position at Volvo Cars.

Mr. Jim Rowan joined Volvo Cars on March 21st as CEO & President. Jim was previously CEO and Board member of Ember Technologies and formerly Group CEO of the Dyson Group. He has over three decades of global experience in the consumer and technology sectors, delivering strong growth and profitability through transformation strategies and consumer engagement. He has also worked extensively with digitalization, disruption, innovation, engineering and supply chains.

In his speech, Mr. Jim Rowan looked at how today’s forward-thinking technologies are a massive boost to the industry and the future of mobility. He said, “when it comes to the future of mobility, I think of a future shaped by connectivity, sustainability, safety, and one that feels personal. Just as your phone gives you a seamless experience, from shopping to messaging, listening to music, and answering your emails, a car will be the new platform. This new device will connect to the other elements of your daily life.”

When talking about Volvo Cars’ vision for the future, Mr. Jim Rowan mentioned, “Volvo Cars has always been a pioneer in mobility that not just protects you, your loved ones and the environment, but also gives you enjoyment and convenience in mobility.” Volvo Cars’ strategy combines the century-long strength of product quality with cutting-edge investments in technology to deliver a new experience for everyone built on Volvo Cars’ fundamental values.

Mr. Jim Rowan also explained the five clear goals of Volvo Cars’ future strategy. First, Volvo Cars will introduce new sustainable materials, accelerating the shift towards electrification and integrating enhanced safety. Second, Volvo Cars will become fully electric by 2030, with more to come. Third, Volvo Cars will continue to strengthen its technology leadership, especially the core computer. Fourth, Volvo Cars will focus on direct consumer relations to quickly respond to consumer changes. Fifth, Volvo Cars will be the fastest transformer with a unique structure, open tech partnerships, and collaborative culture, solidifying Volvo Cars as the employer of choice.

Lastly, Mr. Jim Rowan stated that China was a core market for Volvo Cars’ business growth on multiple levels, including consumers, product development, electrification, and intelligent supply chain integration. The fantastic team in China assures him of delivering this plan. In the future, Volvo Cars will continue to implement the electrification strategy deeply, make explorations in brand evolution, and provide everyone with the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way.


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