Kaluza Launches INFLEXION: A Pioneering V2X Bidirectional Charging Program with Volkswagen Group UK, OVO Energy, and Indra

LONDON – Leading energy software platform Kaluza announces the launch of INFLEXION – a pioneering Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) bidirectional charging program with Volkswagen Group UK, OVO Energy, and Indra.

In a world first, the INFLEXION consortium brings together energy, mobility and technology stakeholders to develop V2X business models and rewarding customer propositions that will increase electric vehicle (EV) affordability and adoption.

V2X technology enables drivers to power their home with their EV, leverage their EV as a backup power source during outages, and sell surplus energy back to the grid, helping to reduce their energy and mobility costs while accelerating decarbonization dramatically. Equally, V2X provides energy suppliers and utilities with the opportunity to engage drivers in the energy transition through innovative services and manage the impacts of EV adoption at scale alongside increasing renewable generation.

INFLEXION marks the first real-world use of bi-directional charging using Combined Charging System (CCS) technology – to enable compatibility with most modern EV models – optimized by leading software such as Kaluza’s. The program will not only prove the power of the technology with the latest Volkswagen Group CCS vehicles but prioritize engagement with Volkswagen Group brands and OVO Energy customers to ensure the solution delivers for real EV drivers’ needs and lifestyles.

The consortium will build on the world’s first and largest deployment of domestic vehicle-to-grid (V2G) powered by Kaluza’s software and Indra’s hardware that enabled drivers to earn around £420 a year with some earning up to £800 for selling their EV’s energy back to the grid (you can read more here). INFLEXION’s V2X will empower future EV drivers to unlock further potential from their vehicles, including to power their homes, and through CCS compatibility, enable millions more drivers to reap the benefits of this, regardless of which EV they own.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing EV markets, the UK is a prime testbed for V2X. According to Kaluza’s data, if all vehicles in the UK today were electric and V2X-enabled they could displace 60% of all gas backup generation currently active in the UK.*

The program builds on Kaluza’s advanced managed charging software for V2X and grid services, developed over the last four years. The consumer insights gathered through INFLEXION will enable Kaluza and its partners to develop propositions that harness the full potential of V2X charging for customers, helping to lower the total cost of EV ownership and maximize the impact on grid balancing and decarbonization.

INFLEXION, part of the V2X Innovation Programme, will be funded by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and delivered by Innovate UK. V2X is part of the up to £65m Flexibility Innovation Programme, funded from the £1 billion BEIS Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. Phase 1 of the project, which will focus on the development of the V2X charging solution, will begin in September 2022.

Scott Neuman, CEO at Kaluza commented: “V2X will have a transformative effect on decarbonizing our energy system but only if we make it accessible and affordable for all. INFLEXION is an exciting step for the industry to engage and learn from real EV drivers and bring this game-changing technology closer to true, commercial scale. Kaluza is ideally positioned to lead this work with our advanced software and extensive ecosystem of partners.”


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