Kia Introduces Software Defined Vehicle Technology with EV9 SUV

What’s Happening

Kia has introduced its Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) technology through the on-demand features and over-the-air (OTA) software updates of its flagship electric SUV, the EV9. The technology enables customers to remotely purchase and install new software functions based on their needs. The EV9 is the first model to offer a range of digital features and services accessible via the Kia Connect Store.

Why It Matters

Kia’s introduction of the EV9 marks a significant step forward for the SDV era, offering customers personalized, cutting-edge experiences and paving the way for a new era of mobility. The expanded OTA software update capability allows for updating not just the vehicle’s core components, but also its convenience features, providing endless possibilities for the EV9 as an SDV.

Key Points

  • The EV9’s electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture allows for OTA software updates and the selection of features to upgrade.
  • Hyundai Motor Group’s future roadmap for SDV highlights the safe and comfortable freedom of movement offered by software.
  • The integration of vehicle control units into four functional areas, based on a domain centralized architecture, is in line with the Group’s SDV strategy.

Bottom Line

Kia is committed to expanding customer choice and providing lifetime usage products, catering to the unique needs of its diverse customer base. The Kia Connect Store offers a range of features, such as Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 and Lighting Pattern, with plans to provide a wider range of high-tech features in the future. Hyundai Motor Group, including Kia and its sister brands Hyundai and Genesis, remains dedicated to exploring new avenues to elevate the mobility experience for its customers, accelerating its journey towards SDVs and bolstering associated technologies.


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