Lotus Emeya Conquers Extreme Cold Testing

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The Lotus Emeya, a new all-electric hyper GT, has successfully completed a rigorous global test and development program. This included navigating through one of the world’s most unforgiving environments, Finland’s Arctic Circle.

Engineers focused on ensuring the Emeya delivers a true Lotus driving experience even in harsh winter conditions. They put the car through its paces at temperatures plunging to -40 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing performance in extreme cold weather.

Lotus conducted testing over three years across 15 countries and two continents. This encompassed diverse terrain, from challenging UK roads to Germany’s famed autobahn, as well as demanding test tracks like the Nürburgring.

As part of pre-delivery preparations, the Emeya will also undergo in-market tests in the Middle East, United States, and Australia. Customers can anticipate exceptional performance in diverse climates.

“Emeya is the ultimate all-electric grand tourer…engineered to deliver the optimum driving experience for our customers 365 days a year and in all conditions,” commented Sylvain Verstraeten, Regional Vehicle Line Director, Emeya.

Testing Highlights:

  • Chassis systems optimization: Enhanced stability control in low-grip conditions (ice/snow)
  • Bespoke winter tire development: Improved handling and dynamics
  • Driver assistance system calibration: Supports driver control in low visibility
  • Battery endurance: Unrestricted use, even in extreme temperatures
  • Thermal management: Ensures cabin comfort and system efficiency

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Lotus remains committed to delivering thrilling performance and the brand’s legendary driving dynamics, even as they embark on an all-electric future. Gavan Kershaw, Director of Attributes and Product Integrity, Lotus, affirmed “…A Lotus should be engaging and desirable, but also safe and predictable…with the development work that’s gone into Emeya, [drivers] really can [trust their car].”

Customer Considerations

The Emeya aims to make extreme-weather driving seamless:

  • Remote cabin preparation (Lotus App): Pre-warm or pre-cool your car
  • Heated surfaces: Heated seats, steering wheel, side cameras, and mirrors
  • Head-up display (Snow Mode): Improves visibility in snowy conditions

For more information and reservations, visit www.lotuscars.com/emeya.

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