Lucid Group Announces First Deliveries of Lucid Air with Stealth Appearance

What’s Happening: Lucid Group, Inc., the creator of the award-winning luxury electric vehicle, has announced the first deliveries of the Lucid Air model featuring the optional Stealth Appearance. The new design offers a darker and more enigmatic look, setting it apart from the standard Platinum Appearance. Deliveries started at the Lucid Costa Mesa service center in Southern California and will continue across the country in the coming weeks.

Why It Matters: The introduction of the Stealth Appearance adds a new dimension to the Lucid Air lineup, catering to consumers who prefer a more mysterious and unique look. It demonstrates Lucid Group’s commitment to offering customization options and responding to consumer preferences in the competitive electric vehicle market.

Lucid Group Announces First Deliveries of Lucid Air with Stealth Appearance

Key Points:

  • The Stealth Appearance is available for Air Grand Touring and Air Touring models.
  • Pricing starts at $3,000 ($4,000 CAD) for Air Touring with a metal roof and goes up to $6,000 USD ($7,500 CAD) for all models equipped with a Glass Canopy roof.
  • The package includes up to 35 changes to the exterior components, featuring a dark Stealth polished finish and black gloss and satin graphite accents.
  • Unique wheel designs and finishes are available for each wheel size, with Stealth Appearance compatible with a variety of Lucid Air exterior colors.

Bottom Line: The Stealth Appearance option for the Lucid Air showcases the company’s dedication to offering a diverse range of options for its customers. It highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation and flexibility in the fast-growing electric vehicle market. The new design theme is expected to attract more consumers who appreciate a darker, more enigmatic appearance, further enhancing Lucid Group’s competitive edge.


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