MAHLE and ProLogium Unite for Solid-State Battery Innovation

German automotive supplier, MAHLE, and Taiwan-based battery manufacturer, ProLogium, have forged an alliance, exemplified by a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding. Their shared vision is to stimulate the development and analysis of thermal management solutions for the next wave of solid-state batteries.

Why It Matters

Solid-state batteries are anticipated to yield considerable advantages in terms of safety and energy density. These benefits could lead to extended driving ranges and enhanced safety standards for battery systems, propelling electric vehicle technology forward. Tailored thermal management solutions, addressing the unique properties of ProLogium’s technology, are a key focus of the partnership. These advances aim to augment competitive battery systems, enhancing their energy density, lifespan, efficiency, and fast-charging capability.

Key Points

The collaboration highlights:

  • A joint initiative for developing and assessing thermal management systems specifically for next-generation solid-state batteries.
  • The intention to optimize thermal management solutions, which will enhance energy density, lifespan, and fast charging capability of the batteries.
  • Statements from MAHLE CEO Arnd Franz and ProLogium founder Vincent Yang, emphasizing that the partnership is a “win-win situation” and a significant step towards a “net-zero future”.

Bottom Line

Through the unification of MAHLE’s pioneering stance in battery cooling systems and ProLogium’s innovative solid-state lithium ceramic battery technology, the partnership is poised to drive longer range, faster charging, and better recyclability for batteries. This collaboration underscores the critical role of effective thermal management in e-mobility. The resulting advances could hasten the development of solid-state technology, and improve cell properties, thereby creating a robust second-hand market for electric vehicles and catalyzing mass market penetration of these technologies.


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