Milan Goes Full Throttle for Electric Buses with 105 New Solaris Urbino 18s

Italy’s fashion capital is revving up its green engine with a major order for 105 electric buses.

Solaris Bus & Coach has secured another contract with ATM Milano, the city’s public transport operator, to deliver these 18-meter articulated Urbino 18 e-buses. This latest deal further cements Milan’s position as a leader in sustainable urban mobility and strengthens Solaris’s grip on the Italian electric bus market.

More than just a pretty fleet:

  • Clean ride, happy city: These new e-buses boast zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a quieter streetscape for Milanos.
  • Capacity king: The articulated design accommodates more passengers, easing congestion and improving public transport efficiency.
  • Powerhouse on wheels: Equipped with 700 kWh Solaris High Energy batteries, these buses offer extended range and flexible charging options via pantograph and plug-in technology.

A partnership built on progress:

Solaris and ATM Milano have a long-standing relationship dating back to 2014. Since then, ATM Milano has purchased nearly 500 vehicles from Solaris, all of them emission-free since 2018.

“Solaris e-buses have become a permanent fixture in European cities, driving the shift towards zero-emission mobility,” said Javier Iriarte, CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach. “Milan’s commitment to sustainable transport is truly inspiring, and we’re proud to be a part of this journey.”

Beyond Milan: Solaris steers towards a greener future:

The company’s commitment to clean mobility extends beyond Milan. In 2023 alone, Solaris secured contracts for 98 Urbino e-buses in Cagliari and 90 hydrogen buses in Venice. Additionally, they’re fulfilling the largest-ever hydrogen bus order in Europe with 130 units for Bologna.

Innovation on four wheels:

The company is a true pioneer in the electromobility sector. Their electric buses, trolleybuses, and hydrogen buses are cutting-edge solutions for emission-free public transport. Their dedication to quality and innovation has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious “Bus of the Year 2017” for the Solaris Urbino 12 electric.

This latest deal signals Milan’s unwavering commitment to a cleaner and greener future, powered by the cutting-edge technology of Solaris. As more cities embrace sustainable transportation, expect to see more of these sleek, silent giants gliding through streets around the world.


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