Nikola’s Phoenix Hydrogen Hub Sold to Fortescue Future Industries

What’s Happening

Nikola Corporation and Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) have announced the acquisition of Nikola’s Phoenix Hydrogen Hub (PHH) project by FFI. The purpose of the acquisition is to construct an electrolysis-based hydrogen production facility. This acquisition aligns with Nikola’s efficient energy strategy, with both parties working towards a hydrogen supply agreement to fuel Nikola’s hydrogen cell electric trucks.

Why It Matters

The PHH project, located in the city of Buckeye, Arizona near Phoenix, is a pioneering green hydrogen endeavor. It’s designed to scale up with growing demand and expected to commence its hydrogen production by mid-decade. The hub is one of the first significant hydrogen ventures in the country, and its acquisition by FFI is a testament to the growing acceptance of green energy alternatives.

Key Points

  • The agreement is in line with Nikola’s strategy to engage partners in its hydrogen energy ecosystem.
  • FFI is actively expanding its U.S. presence and is committed to green energy production.
  • The PHH acquisition is part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in January 2023 between Nikola and FFI to co-develop U.S. green hydrogen production facilities.
  • Nikola and FFI are working on a hydrogen supply agreement to support the demand for Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.
  • Both companies expect to benefit from federal and state level incentives like the hydrogen tax credit in the federal Inflation Reduction Act and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in California.

Bottom Line

The PHH project, currently going through the final stages of its permitting process, underscores a significant step towards creating a green energy ecosystem. The project is poised to create new green industrial jobs, while also helping to reduce emissions. As expressed by Buckeye Mayor Eric Osborn, this initiative adds to the city’s commitment to attracting clean energy businesses, contributing to the growth of similar technologies in their community.

The sale of Nikola’s Phoenix Hydrogen Hub to Fortescue Future Industries is a significant milestone in the shift towards sustainable energy, signifying the increasing demand for green technology and zero-emission vehicles. The collaboration is set to enhance North America’s standing as a world-leading green energy producer.


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