Nissan Ariya Gets Top Marks in Green NCAP’s Sustainability Ratings

What’s Happening: The Nissan Ariya has distinguished itself in Green NCAP’s rigorous testing process, not only achieving the highest 5-star rating but also securing a high Weighted Overall Index of 9.6. The independent initiative’s evaluation system focuses on identifying vehicles that exceed minimum sustainability requirements and contribute minimally to environmental harm.

Why It Matters: The accomplishment underscores Nissan’s commitment to sustainability and reaffirms Ariya’s role as a leading model in the company’s electrification efforts. As consumers increasingly seek out eco-friendly alternatives, the Ariya’s top rating could significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Key Points:

  1. Green NCAP’s evaluation process is comprehensive, examining every aspect of a vehicle’s sustainability through a set of Clean Air, Energy Efficiency, and Greenhouse Gases tests.
  2. The Nissan Ariya earned a perfect 10/10 in the Clean Air Index test, largely due to the absence of a tailpipe. It also garnered impressive scores in the Energy Efficiency Index (9.3/10) and the Greenhouse Gas Index (9.5/10).
  3. The standard On-Road Drive test was conducted in cold weather (-1°C), and the Ariya’s consumption was about 24 kWh/62 miles. With a battery capacity of 89.6 kWh, higher than the officially declared value, and an overall efficiency of 91.6% when charging with 11 kW, the Ariya set a new record for Green NCAP.
  4. Nissan’s Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Arnaud Charpentier, lauded the achievement, stating it reflects Nissan’s dedicated efforts towards their Ambition 2030 sustainability and electrification goals.

Bottom Line: The Nissan Ariya, with its maximum range of 329 miles and rapid charging capabilities, stands as a testament to Nissan’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future. The model’s laudable recognition from Green NCAP positions it as an ideal option for consumers in the region seeking more sustainable daily transport. Now, more than ever, it seems the perfect time for consumers to consider going electric.


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