Polestar 1: Electric Performance Hybrid Enters Final Round of Production

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Mahwah, NJ – Final build slots for Polestar 1 – the Polestar brand’s electric performance hybrid halo car – are now available. Produced in Polestar’s leading production facility, Polestar 1 will see the completion of its production run towards the end of 2021.

“We’ve received an overwhelming response from customers and press following the 2017 debut of the Polestar 1 and subsequent deliveries in 2020,” said Gregor Hembrough, Head of Polestar in North America. “With some 619hp, yet retaining the longest electric range of any hybrid vehicle on the current market, this hybrid grand tourer is a testament to the design and technological innovation Polestar passionately pursues.”

As the halo of the Polestar lineup and the car which launched the brand, Polestar 1 features a crisp design and state-of-the-art technology, with 619 horsepower and 738 lb.-ft. of torque available from its hybrid powertrain. With an electric-first ethos, the GT features two electric motors on the rear axle, complemented by a 2.0-liter supercharged and turbocharged petrol engine, plus an integrated starter generator at the front.

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A carbon fiber body, 6-piston Akebono brakes and adjustable Öhlins dampers turn driving Polestar 1 into a highly-tuned sensory experience, and with advanced features such as mechanical torque vectoring, it faithfully represents Polestar’s role as a guiding star for the advancement of technology.

With 34 kWh of battery capacity, Polestar 1 still boasts the longest pure-electric driving range of any hybrid – 60 miles – which makes it usable in everyday situations as a pure electric vehicle.

Available to buy online at Polestar.com, qualified customers can visit Polestar Spaces across North America for a hands-on experience and test drive.

About Polestar

Polestar is the independent Swedish premium electric performance car brand founded by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding. Established in 2017, Polestar enjoys specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefits from significant economies of scale as a result. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and retails its vehicles in ten global markets across Europe and North America, and in China.

Polestar produces two electric performance cars. Polestar 1 is a low-volume electric performance hybrid GT with a carbon fiber body, 609 hp, 738 ft.-lb. and an electric-only range of 60 miles – the longest of any hybrid car in the world. The Polestar 2 electric performance fastback is the company’s first fully electric, high volume car. Polestar 2 launched in 2020 with an all-wheel drive electric powertrain that produces 408 hp and 487 ft.-lb., with a maximum range of 233 miles EPA (292 miles WLTP).

In the future, the Polestar 3 electric performance SUV will join the portfolio, as well as the Precept – a design study vehicle released in 2020 that is slated for future production. Precept showcases the brand’s future vision in terms of sustainability, digital technology and design.