Porsche Debuts Cayenne S E-Hybrid Variant

Stuttgart-based luxury automaker, Porsche, announced the addition of the Cayenne S E-Hybrid to its growing lineup of electrified SUVs. This new variant marks the third plug-in option for the recently updated Cayenne range, showcasing a blend of performance, comfort, and efficiency.

Why It Matters

As environmental concerns grow and regulatory standards tighten, automakers globally are shifting their focus to sustainable mobility solutions. Porsche’s commitment to expanding its hybrid offerings underscores the brand’s strategy to stay ahead in the evolving automotive landscape while catering to the luxury SUV market’s demands.

Porsche Debuts Cayenne S E-Hybrid Variant

Key Points

  • Positioning: The Cayenne S E-Hybrid sits between the standard Cayenne E-Hybrid and the high-performance Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid.
  • Power & Performance: It boasts a combined system output of 512 hp (derived from a 348 hp three-liter V6 turbo engine and a 174 hp electric motor) and a torque of 553 lb-ft. This allows a 0-60 mph acceleration in just 4.4 seconds.
  • Battery & Charging: The SUV is equipped with a 25.9 kWh battery and an 11 kW onboard AC charger, enabling a full charge in approximately 2.5 hours on a 240V Level 2 charger.
  • Features: Visual distinctions include 20-inch wheels, a dual twin-tailpipe exhaust, and Matrix Design LED headlights. Interior amenities comprise eight-way seats, Sport Chrono package, Comfort Access keyless entry, stainless steel pedals, and advanced connectivity via the My Porsche app with enhanced Apple CarPlay┬« functionality.
  • Pricing & Availability: Available for order now, with deliveries expected in Spring 2024. The Cayenne S E-Hybrid starts at $99,100 (excluding a $1,650 fee), and the Coupe version is priced at $104,000.

Bottom Line

Porsche’s continuous expansion into the hybrid sector, particularly with the Cayenne S E-Hybrid, underscores its commitment to blending luxury with sustainability. This move signifies the brand’s focus on future-proofing its lineup while meeting consumers’ evolving expectations.


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