PowerFlex Pioneers Fleet Electrification for DHL with Nationwide EV Charging Network Installation

What’s Happening

PowerFlex, a renowned national supplier of intelligent solar, storage, and EV charging solutions has installed 415 Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) units for DHL Express, the globally recognized international express shipping services provider. Installed at DHL service centers in key U.S. markets, the stations are integrated with PowerFlex X, an energy management software engineered to effectively monitor, track, and report on EV charging activities.

Why It Matters

This monumental project underlines DHL’s unwavering commitment to sustainability by promoting electric fleet operations, reducing its climate impact, and promoting environmentally conscious practices. This fleet electrification campaign is integral to their green logistics plan, marking DHL as the first logistics company to pledge towards a zero-emissions target.

Key Points

“PowerFlex has proven to be an indispensable partner in achieving our sustainability goals,” commented Laurice Bancroft, SVP of Network Operations for DHL Express U.S. “Their profound industry experience has enabled us to develop creative solutions to meet our EV fleet charging requirements, significantly contributing to our goal of zero-emissions.”

PowerFlex commenced its first EVSE installation for DHL in 2020 and has since customized each subsequent project to align with DHL’s daily delivery operations. PowerFlex’s Level 2 (L2) charging stations were the chosen solution, offering reliability, cost-effectiveness, and less power consumption than Level 3 DC Fast Chargers. These charging stations are designed to be future-proof, allowing for expansion as DHL’s electric fleet grows.

Moreover, PowerFlex’s Adaptive Load Management (ALM), an intelligent energy management software, helps balance power usage across the charger network to prevent costly energy demand spikes. This enabled DHL to double the number of installed chargers compared to unmanaged charging within the same power limit and onsite utility infrastructure.

Bottom Line

“DHL’s decision to shift towards new fueling strategies and exploring in-house EV charging demonstrates their thoughtful approach to sustainability,” remarked Raphael Declercq, CEO of PowerFlex. “We are honored to collaborate with DHL on this path of fleet electrification, emphasizing the importance of fully charged last-mile delivery vans to ensure timely deliveries while aligning with DHL’s sustainability goals.”

PowerFlex’s comprehensive services for DHL on these EVSE projects included site feasibility assessments, turnkey design and installation, hardware and software solutions, and asset management along with operations and maintenance services.


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