PragmaCharge Spearheads Electric Trucking-as-a-Service for Commercial Fleets in UK and Europe

PragmaCharge revolutionizes commercial transportation with its innovative ‘Electric Trucking-as-a-Service’ platform, delivering cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions for fleet owners across the UK and Europe.

What’s Happening

PragmaCharge is set to launch an all-encompassing Electric Trucking-as-a-Service platform. The newly established firm’s offering encompasses leasing Battery Electric Trucks (BETs) and deploying charging infrastructure, named PragmaCharge-Hubs, in strategic high-traffic locations throughout the UK and Europe. Backed by prominent industry leaders and specialized investors, the firm’s novel solution requires no upfront capital investment from fleet owners and operates on a pay-as-you-go model.

Why It Matters

The move towards electrification of the road haulage sector is crucial as it currently contributes significantly to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. At the moment, the lack of a well-defined roadmap and the appropriate infrastructure to support the transition to electric road freight presents significant barriers. PragmaCharge’s holistic, logistics hub-focused approach, including its lease model and innovative charging infrastructure, offers a clear pathway for the transition to electrified commercial transportation.

Key Points

PragmaCharge is led by cleantech industry leader, Anil Srivastava, formerly of Leclanché, and logistics and digitization industry leader, Nikhil Amin, previously with Amazon. Their combined expertise will guide the firm in providing solutions to the key challenges in transitioning to electrified transport – including high costs, range anxiety, and efficiency concerns. PragmaCharge plans to deploy 350kW chargers at transport and logistics hubs initially, upgrading to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) in 2024, enabling full battery charging times of approximately 45 minutes.

The firm’s robust offering includes a cloud-based Fleet Management Software Platform providing a comprehensive range of services such as simple mileage-based BET leasing contracts, runtime analytics, fleet performance and analytics, OEM predictive and corrective maintenance agreements, and tiered bookable charging slots at PragmaCharge-Hubs.

Bottom Line

PragmaCharge’s launch of Electric Trucking-as-a-Service will be a game-changer for commercial transportation. With the backing of industry leaders and a clear business model that addresses the major barriers for fleet owners, PragmaCharge is primed to facilitate the much-needed transition to electrified freight transportation in the UK and Europe. By lowering Total Cost of Ownership and improving operational efficiency, PragmaCharge’s platform is poised to accelerate the adoption of electric trucks and promote a cleaner and more sustainable future in commercial transport.


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