ProLogium Debuts Large-Footprint Lithium Ceramic Battery at ees Europe

ProLogium, a leader in energy innovation, is set to showcase its latest breakthrough, the LLCB, at ees Europe. The new large-footprint lithium ceramic battery promises improved safety, performance, and sustainability.

What’s Happening

ProLogium, a leading energy innovation company, is attending ees Europe, the continent’s largest battery and energy storage technology event, from June 14-16. The event, taking place in Munich, Germany, serves as a platform for ProLogium to share its cutting-edge solid-state battery and manufacturing technologies. The event also heralds the global debut of ProLogium’s revolutionary product, the Large-Footprint Lithium Ceramic Battery (LLCB).

Why It Matters

The new LLCB, touted for its enhanced safety, performance, and sustainability features, marks a significant milestone in ProLogium’s commitment to pioneering energy solutions. The launch of this next-generation solid-state battery comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement to establish its first overseas gigafactory in Dunkirk, France, with a planned capacity of 48 GWh.

Key Points

The €5.2 billion investment in the Dunkirk gigafactory signifies ProLogium’s ambitious plans to serve the European EV market, allowing it to mass-produce its innovative solid-state batteries. By localizing its R&D and supply chain, it aims to outpace its competitors. Vincent Yang, ProLogium’s CEO, expressed the company’s dedication to accelerate the electrification revolution.

The LLCB showcases ProLogium’s groundbreaking design. Using the unique structure and manufacturing process of the solid-state battery, ProLogium can create high-capacity, large-footprint batteries that optimize configuration, simplify pack structure, and reduce ownership costs. Simon Wu, AVP of ProLogium Technology Product Center, also highlighted the LLCB’s potential for improving design flexibility for EVs, with greater energy density and a reduction in weight.

Bottom Line

ProLogium’s LLCB signifies a new chapter in EV battery design and sustainability. The product’s launch, alongside a strategic partnership with FEV, a global leader in automotive engineering, reinforces the company’s pioneering role in energy solutions. With sample deliveries to European car OEMs targeted for late 2023, the LLCB’s innovative design and manufacturing promise a more sustainable and efficient future for electric vehicles.


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