Quantron AG Flourishes in International Expansion Drive

Quantron AG, a leader in sustainable passenger and cargo transportation, has witnessed impressive growth during the first seven months of 2023. Their advancements and achievements include:

  • Securing orders worth 20 million Euro.
  • Accumulating an order backlog and client-approved funding requests surpassing 100 million Euro.
  • Expanding their footprint with the creation of Quantron Italy S.r.l., widening their presence to eight countries spanning Europe, the Middle East, India, and the USA.
  • Launching a joint venture named ROQIT in partnership with GTL, establishing operations in Augsburg, Germany and Hyderabad, India to develop a digital platform tailored for zero-emission fleet requirements.

Why It Matters

In the face of rapid industry shifts and rising global demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions, Quantron AG’s achievements spotlight its potential to meet its growth objectives. This expansion and partnerships underscore the company’s commitment to leading the zero-emission mobility transition on a global scale.

Key Points

  • Foundation of Quantron Italy S.r.l.: Following the acquisition of EYES Group s.r.l. from FRIEM S.p.A., Quantron Italy was established in Milan. This new arm will concentrate on zero-emission last-mile vehicles and buses. Notably, they have already supplied electric minibuses to Elba municipalities and secured a contract for electric city buses in Turin. Fabrizio Simoni, with two decades of experience in international automotive sectors, heads Quantron Italy.
  • Quantron USA’s Debut at ACT Expo: At the prestigious Advanced Clean Transportation show in California, Quantron USA unveiled its vision for the American market and its hydrogen-electric Class 8 truck prototype. This vehicle, boasting an impressive range of 750-850 miles on a 100 kg hydrogen tank, will be produced near Detroit, Michigan, presenting a genuine alternative to diesel trucks.
  • Management and Board Update: Effective July 1st, 2023, Beate Reimann assumed the role of CFO at Quantron AG. Meanwhile, Mohamed Oun from Mesientos Limited replaced Robert Schäble on the Supervisory Board.
  • ROQIT Introduction at Greentech Festival Berlin: In collaboration with Goldstone Technologies (GTL), Quantron AG introduced ROQIT, designed to create a digital transaction platform for Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS). This platform offers AI-driven solutions for zero-emission fleet management, independent of manufacturing brands.

Bottom Line

2023 is a pivotal year for Quantron AG, marked by the introduction of its flagship Fuel Cell products developed with Ballard Power. With aspirations to deliver up to 40 Fuel Cell vehicles this year and secure funding for future scaling, Quantron AG is solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the sustainable transportation arena. The company’s trajectory, supported by key partnerships and strategic moves, suggests a promising outlook for the coming years.


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