Renault is Extending its Hybrid Range

After Clio E-TECH Hybrid, Captur and Megane Estate E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid, Renault is extending its hybrid range with the arrival of three new vehicles equipped with this unprecedented technology. The introduction of 12V micro-hybridization on Arkana and Captur completes the engine range, offering all possible levels of electrification to meet all needs, while remaining accessible.

A pioneer and leader in electric vehicles for more than 10 years and with its experience in Formula 1, Renault has acquired the expertise which today enables it to offer dynamic and efficient hybrid powertrains on a wider range of vehicles at the heart of the automotive market.


Developed and patented by Renault Engineering, E-TECH Hybrid technology combines two electric motors, an innovative dog clutch gearbox and a combustion engine. On E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid, the battery offers an increased capacity to further maximize electric driving on a daily use.

Renault’s hybrid technology makes it possible for:

  • Up to 80% of electric driving in the city and up to 40% lower consumption with an E-TECH Hybrid engine.
  • Up to 65 km driving on full electric in the city and enjoy the pleasure of electric power up to 135 km/h on an E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid engine.

Renault E-TECH technology offers all the advantages of the electric engine: silent starting and battery regeneration during deceleration and braking for driving pleasure.


Renault continues to expand its range with the arrival in Europe of a new vehicle concept: the SUV coupé. Renault Arkana offers a high-tech driver’s cab and a record-breaking habitability to accommodate families and large loading volumes.

Renault Arkana offers a new hybrid model with the 140hp E-TECH Hybrid engine and its 1.2kWh (230V) battery. A 12V micro-hybridization solution on the 1.3 TCe 140 and 160 engines completes this offer.


The technological and connected reference for urban SUVs, market leader in its segment in Europe, now offers an E-TECH Hybrid engine that complements the E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid version. This engine offers excellent responsiveness thanks to a 1.2 kWh battery and a combined power of 140 hp. In use, the customer will enjoy maximum driving pleasure and reduced consumption without need to recharging.

A 12V micro-hybridization solution is also being introduced on the 1.3 Tce petrol engines, once again offering Captur the most complete electrified range in the segment.

Renault Captur now benefits from an R.S. Line version. This version features special badging, redesigned front and rear bumpers, an F1 blade and exclusive alloy wheels. Inside, it benefits from a black roofline, special upholstery, a steering wheel with red stitching, carbon-style decorations and an aluminum crankset. This top-of-the-range finish offers a sporty ambience with unique attributes, regardless of the engine chosen.


The New Megane benefits from a recent restyling offering a redesigned, more ergonomic and modernized interior, as well as the best technologies in terms of connectivity, multimedia and driving aids.

After the Estate version, the New Megane hatchback now offers the E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid engine, combining the advantages and sensations of electric power without compromising range. Developing 160 bhp, this technology has a battery with a capacity of 9.8 kWh (400V) and a range of up to 50 kilometers over a combined cycle (WLTP) and up to 65 kilometers over an urban cycle (WLTP City)*.

The Renault Arkana E-TECH Hybrid, Captur E-TECH Hybrid and Megane E-TECH Plug-In Hybrid will be marketed in Europe in the first half of 2021.


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