Rivian and The Nature Conservancy create collaboration to keep adventure wild

Electric vehicle tech meets science to preserve biodiversity and fight climate change

Electric vehicle maker Rivian and global conservation group The Nature Conservancy (TNC) today announced a collaboration dedicated to preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change. This partnership leverages the capabilities of both organizations, providing valuable resources and public education opportunities while creating new avenues for responsible access to natural spaces.

As part of the relationship, Rivian will provide TNC with vehicles to use at its preserves—specifically at sites in California, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Florida. Over the coming months, the organizations will explore opportunities to further electrify the nonprofit’s fleet of vehicles used on preserves TNC manages across the United States. Rivian vehicles are inherently quieter than conventional trucks, equipped for the most challenging off-road conditions, and produce no tailpipe emissions, providing unique benefits and research possibilities for sensitive ecological areas. TNC will share data collected to help enhance the development of new off-the-beaten-path driver experiences.

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“Rivian vehicles have been developed to enable and inspire a connection with the natural world, and our partnership with The Nature Conservancy allows us to further help protect these wild places we care about”

said Rivian Founder and CEO RJ Scaringe. “We share a common, deep commitment to safeguard the planet’s lands and waters, and we’re excited to collaborate alongside an organization with such broad impact in land restoration and conservation.”

“Our relationship with Rivian heralds a new kind of partnership, showing how smart, clean technology can work with nature to address the twin crises of climate and biodiversity loss. It’s exciting to imagine the possibilities for tech-enabled conservation, and these vehicles are blazing a trail for the future,” according to Jennifer Morris, CEO of TNC.

TNC will also participate in the Rivian Waypoints charging stations rollout, supporting the deployment of chargers in select locations across TNC’s nationwide preserve network. The organizations will work together to demonstrate the importance of electrified transportation as a tool to combat the climate crisis.

Rivian and TNC intend to expand their relationship to include: advocacy for transportation, energy, climate, and conservation issues; conserving and restoring important natural places; and helping people learn more about nature, how they can protect it, and have fun outdoors.


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