ROMIRA Pioneers High Heat ROMITRON® PPS Development for Enhanced e-Mobility Solutions

What’s Happening

ROMIRA, a well-known developer of engineering polymers and MOLD IN COLOR solutions, is leading the innovation curve in e-mobility with its specialized compounds based on high heat ROMITRON® PPS. The company is addressing the growing needs of the electric vehicle (EV) sector that’s seeking more advanced polymers with superior thermal and electrical properties.

Why It Matters

The shift towards EVs is seeing a surge in demand for materials with enhanced characteristics such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and thermal/electrical conductivity. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) present unique challenges, including the need for effective thermal management systems to counteract localized hot spots from engine downsizing. ROMIRA’s ROMITRON® PPS, with impressive heat resistance, inherent flame retardancy, and exceptional chemical resistance, is well-positioned to meet these requirements.

Key Points

ROMIRA is answering three significant needs within the EV/HEV industry:

  1. High Voltage Parts: These require advanced flame retardancy, a higher comparative tracking index (CTI), and improved heat cycle/thermal shock resistance. Inverter and electric motor cores, housings, and capacitor cases need to endure elevated temperatures and showcase superior heat cycle performance.
  2. Thermal Management Systems: These systems, more complex in HEVs/EVs, support additional components like lithium batteries, high power electronic controllers, and more. They need to endure constant exposure to coolants, hence requiring polymers with greater chemical resistance. ROMITRON® PPS emerges as a suitable candidate due to its exceptional chemical and heat resistance.
  3. Metal Insert Parts: There’s a need for parts to be injected with metal inserts in EVs/HEVs. For instance, high voltage busbars are thick copper bars overmolded with PPS for its optimal flow and excellent electrical insulation.

Bottom Line

ROMIRA’s ROMITRON® PPS is emerging as a frontrunner in addressing the novel material needs of the EV industry. With its standard glass fiber/mineral filled ROMITRON® PPS, as well as specialty blends and compounds like the short carbon fiber-filled ROMITRON® EXP3159, ROMIRA is providing robust solutions. It is also driving the development of EMI-protected components, and with the ROMITRON® EXP3178, it aims for a weight reduction of nearly 35%.

By leveraging its extensive compounding experience and cutting-edge production facilities, ROMIRA is strategically placed to meet the changing requirements of the EV/HEV industry. ROMIRA’s innovations signify a key step in driving the e-mobility revolution, optimizing performance, safety, and efficiency.


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