Samsung and IoTecha to Transform the EV Charging Experience

Samsung and IoTecha have created a comprehensive EV charging kiosk solution featuring Samsung’s OH series touch screens and IoTecha’s Level 2 charging components.

CRANBURY, N.J. – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and IoTecha Corp. announce a strategic collaboration to introduce a new range of electric vehicle charging stations that combine Samsung’s best-of-breed display and signage solutions with IoTecha’s industry-leading EV charging technology. The resulting platform is expected to open up new driver and customer experiences for a wide range of commercial customers, including retail and hospitality, and enable innovative business models and revenue streams for digital signage and EV charging network providers.

Samsung and IoTecha have created a comprehensive EV charging kiosk solution featuring Samsung’s OH series touch screens and IoTecha’s Level 2 charging components. The integration of hardware and software addresses key challenges affecting deployment of both EV charging and digital signage infrastructure, from cost and complexity of equipment, installation, and operation, to remote monitoring, management, and maintenance.

“We believe that together, Samsung and IoTecha provide a cost-effective platform delivering fast and smart EV charging service and integrated in kiosks that bring visually dynamic interfaces with services, including Iotecha’s IoT.ON™ and Samsung’s MagicInfo with programmatic advertising,” said Kim Sarubbi, VP of Media at IoTecha Corp., and speaker at the upcoming Samsung VX event. “IoTecha’s proven track record, built on standards with proven capabilities, combined with Samsung’s technologies, is believed to be the solution infrastructure providers and end customers need to accelerate their electrification goals and differentiate their charging and digital signage offer as EV adoption accelerates.”

IoTecha provides hardware, software and cloud services for turnkey installation of a fully customizable EV charging infrastructure. IoTecha’s level 2 chargers deliver fast charging (up to 19.2kW at 80A), offer versatile and reliable networking options, and implement standard-based and interoperable high-level communications. Built-in support for IEC/ISO 15118 and OCPP 1.6 enables advanced driver experiences and innovative services such as Plug and Charge, Smart Charging and bi-directional power flow. Native connectivity to IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ Cloud and Edge services allows customers to reduce the total cost of ownership of their charging infrastructure. Installations can be remotely monitored, configured, and updated resulting in reduced maintenance costs and improved customer service. IoTecha’s topology-aware energy management allows the creation of highly customized optimization algorithms to meet the operational needs of site hosts and facility managers while minimizing electricity costs.

“We believe that Samsung and IoTecha’s business models and technologies combine perfectly to rapidly bring to market a brand new, visual, engaging and optimized EV charging experience,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President of US Sales, Samsung Display Division. “Samsung and IoTecha are looking forward to delivering highly customized services and content that meet and exceed customer requirements and unlocking new revenue streams for both site hosts and service providers.”

Complete kiosks can be highly customizable for white label branding to match retail, hospitality, business, and other commercial area deployments that feature printed decals or wraps. Each unit supports Plug and Charge services and interactive displays for programmatic advertising, customer information, service offers, personalized messages, and more.


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