SANY Group Accelerates Hydrogen Energy Development and Electrified Highway Project

What’s Happening: SANY Group, a global heavy machinery manufacturer, is taking action to combat climate change by advancing electrification development and promoting a hydrogen energy utilization roadmap.

Why It Matters: Climate change has pushed the world to transition to cleaner energy sources, with electric vehicles gaining popularity. However, energy transformation is still reliant on environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels. SANY’s hydrogen roadmap aims to create a cleaner future by becoming China’s largest provider of integrated hydrogen solutions in five years.

SANY Group Accelerates Hydrogen Energy Development and Electrified Highway Project

Key Points:

  • SANY Hydrogen, the group’s hydrogen energy subsidiary, will focus on elevating core technological innovation and achieving a closed supply chain across the entire industry ecosystem to support China’s 2030/2060 “Dual Carbon” goals.
  • In March, SANY Hydrogen signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangtai Hydrogen Energy for the first 2,000kg hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai, with plans to install three units of 35MPa dual-metering hydrogen dispensers and meet the hydrogen refueling demand of 300 logistic vehicles.
  • SANY’s electrified highway demonstration line, co-constructed with CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute and Tsinghua University, recently completed in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, opening up a new path for heavy-load highway freight.
  • The demonstration line is two-way, two-lane, with a 1.8-kilometer contact grid, and provides a wide range of road condition scenarios for testing vehicle performance, including ramps, bumpy, waded, and drenched roads.
  • The electrified highway is directly powered by an overhead grid, allowing for “charging while driving.” This design increases energy efficiency by 6 percent compared to pure electric heavy trucks running on power batteries, while also preventing low-temperature effects.

Bottom Line: SANY Group is actively addressing the global climate crisis by advancing electrification development and promoting hydrogen energy utilization. Their efforts to establish a comprehensive hydrogen industry chain and develop an electrified highway project exemplify the company’s commitment to building a greener future for the planet. As Earth Hour serves as a reminder of the need for environmental protection, SANY Group’s concrete actions demonstrate a determination to tackle climate change head-on.


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