SparkCharge Partners with Courial for On-Demand EV Charging

SparkCharge, renowned for its innovative mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging system, has teamed up with Courial, an esteemed courier and concierge platform. Together, they’re set to offer on-demand electric vehicle charging services to Courial’s clients in Los Angeles and San Francisco Counties, via the Courial app.

Why It Matters

As the electric vehicle market continues to surge, the need for charging infrastructure increases. Despite California’s aspirations to expand its current 80,000 public chargers, EV owners require more immediate and reliable solutions. This collaboration addresses that demand, granting EV users in Los Angeles and San Francisco Counties hassle-free access to charging without the typical concerns of locating traditional charging stations.

Key Points

  • Partnership Benefits: Clients can request SparkCharge’s DC fast charging delivery service via the Courial app, optimizing convenience and providing on-demand grid-free charging solutions.
  • Promotion of EV Adoption: Both companies champion the broader use of electric vehicles. SparkCharge’s “Roadie” charging system and charging-as-a-service (CaaS) lineup supports grid-free EV charging anytime and anywhere.
  • A Win for Consumers: Using the Courial app, EV owners can acquire direct, fast charging wherever they park, whether they’re shopping, dining, or working.
  • Courial’s Unique Service: The platform extends a white-glove concierge experience to its users. With SparkCharge integrated into Courial’s Charging Valet Service, clients can rely on consistent and speedy DC fast charging from SparkCharge.
  • SparkCharge’s Viewpoint: “The electric vehicle revolution is in full swing. While EV sales surge, charging infrastructure lags behind. This partnership caters to the present needs of EV owners,” commented Josh Aviv, CEO and founder of SparkCharge.
  • Courial’s Perspective: “This collaboration empowers us to furnish clients with seamless EV charging anytime, anywhere,” stated Herb Coakley, Founder and CEO of Courial. He further emphasized both companies’ shared vision for sustainable transport and top-notch, on-demand localized service.

Bottom Line

Residents of Los Angeles and San Francisco County can register on Courial’s platform at Following registration, they can readily use the app to avail of SparkCharge’s DC fast charging service, ensuring their electric vehicles are always powered and ready.


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