Standard Motor Products Expands Hybrid and EV Product Offering

What’s Happening: Standard Motor Products, Inc. (SMP) is expanding its line of parts for hybrid and electric vehicles. The company is committed to adding to its product offering for these vehicles and expanding its powertrain-neutral coverage.

Why It Matters: With the growing number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road, there is a need for high-quality replacement parts. SMP is dedicated to meeting the demand by engineering and manufacturing superior products that last.

Key Points:

  • SMP offers over 4,000 parts for 150 models of hybrid vehicles and more than 1,900 parts for 40 models of electric vehicles, with new parts being added consistently.
  • The company also offers over 50,000 powertrain-neutral parts through its Standard® and Four Seasons® brands, which fit vehicles regardless of powertrain.
  • SMP recently added 258 SKUs for hybrid vehicles, 60 SKUs for electric vehicles, and 1,530 SKUs in the powertrain-neutral category.
  • New additions include a universal Battery Pack Charging Cord for electric vehicles, Stoplight Switches, and Brake Pedal Travel Sensors for hybrid models like the Toyota Prius and Lexus ES300h.
  • All new Standard® EV and Hybrid products are listed in the eCatalog at and electronic catalog providers.

Bottom Line: Standard Motor Products ongoing expansion of its hybrid and electric vehicle parts line is a response to the growing number of these vehicles on the road. The company is committed to meeting the demand for high-quality replacement parts and is continuously adding new products to its offerings.


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