Synop Launches Brooklyn EV Charging Lab

Synop, a front-runner in electric vehicle (EV) fleet solutions, has inaugurated The Synop Charge Lab, a cutting-edge facility in Brooklyn, New York. Designed as an interactive hub, the Charge Lab empowers Synop, along with its partners, to conduct real-time tests on electric vehicle chargers.

Why It Matters

This establishment opens a novel phase in Synop’s trajectory. “The hands-on research and development feasible at this site signals our intensified dedication to delivering top-tier software for the EV fleet sector,” commented CEO Gagan Dhillon.

Key Points

  • R&D Hub: The Charge Lab stands as a nucleus for research and development, championing interoperability tests across chargers, telematics, and EVs.
  • Accessibility: The facility is open not only to Synop’s in-house team but also its alliance partners, enabling seamless product prototyping and real-world EV charging simulations.
  • Boosting Innovation: Andrew Bledge, Synop’s CTO, noted, “A tangible workspace enhances our pace of innovation with partners. With an array of EVs and chargers, we can harvest critical data to aid our clients during their integration phase.”
  • Strategic Location: Brooklyn was handpicked for the Charge Lab, leveraging the rich talent pool of the New York City Metropolitan Area and fostering collaborations with local businesses in the booming regional landscape. This location will double as Synop’s New York operations head office.
  • Community Vision: Mark Braby, Synop’s CCO, expressed, “Introducing avant-garde commercial EV innovations to New York accentuates Synop’s vanguard position in the EV fleet domain. We foresee the Synop Charge Lab becoming a pivotal component of the Brooklyn milieu.”

Bottom Line

The Synop Charge Lab’s inauguration in Brooklyn underscores Synop’s commitment to spearheading advancements in the EV fleet industry, fostering innovation, and contributing to the local community.


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