Terraline Launches Tangra LH1: A Clean Sheet, Battery-Electric Class 8 Truck with 500+ Miles Range

FREMONT, Calif. – Terraline, formerly known as Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies (Solo AVT), has announced the launch of the Tangra LH1, a battery-electric Class 8 truck with a range of over 500 miles. The company, which specializes in vehicle hardware, has rebranded and plans to deploy test vehicles with customers this year.

The Tangra LH1’s clean sheet design allows for the rapid acceleration of electrification in the freight industry. This launch supports Terraline’s goal of addressing emissions generated by freight transportation, as customers seek near-term decarbonization solutions. The recent incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have added further urgency to the need for decarbonization.

Terraline’s rebranding is meant to reflect its focus on an immediately applicable solution to decarbonization, as the company seeks to separate its product line from the path to autonomous trucking being pursued by other companies. The company aims to rapidly scale the adoption of electrification across freight fleets.

According to Graham Doorley, CEO and founder of Terraline, “Our success has to be of our own making and can’t be predicated on the progress of autonomous technologies and regulations.” The SD1 truck remains compatible with any autonomous driving solution, but Terraline’s focus is on the widespread adoption of its all-electric trucks.


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