TREMEC Strengthens EV Offerings with Electric GT Acquisition

TREMEC, a KUO subsidiary, has officially acquired Electric GT, Inc., an innovative provider of plug-and-play EV conversion systems. The newly formed entity, TREMEC – Electric GT, will operate from Electric GT’s main office in Huntington Beach, CA, under the guidance of TREMEC leadership and will utilize TREMEC’s vast global resources.

Why It Matters

The ICE-to-BEV vehicle conversion market has seen substantial growth, with many builders and independent installers globally shifting from traditional ICE powertrains to electric systems. These transitions, found in classic to late-model vehicles and specific commercial applications, stem from the consumer’s desire for enhanced performance and environmentally sustainable solutions for prolonging the lifespan of classic vehicles.

Key Points

  • TREMEC – Electric GT offers an all-inclusive system for electric conversions, encompassing essential components such as batteries, cabling, drive motors, inverters, gearboxes, and pivotal control systems.
  • Alejandro de la Barreda, KUO’s CEO, praises TREMEC’s vast expertise in both OEM and aftermarket powertrain tech, emphasizing its role in elevating Electric GT’s potential.
  • With the “eCrate” solutions, TREMEC provides a groundbreaking alternative to conventional ICE engine swaps, solidifying its position as a one-stop destination for electric conversions.
  • TREMEC is currently forging ahead with electric drive units (EDUs) for the OEM, specialty vehicles, and aftermarket sectors. These EDUs, which merge cutting-edge motor and inverter tech with TREMEC’s six-decade-long gearbox manufacturing experience, stand as the most power-packed options available.

Bottom Line

The alliance between TREMEC’s advanced electric drive innovations and Electric GT’s comprehensive electric systems equips the ICE conversion market with high-grade systems, armed with state-of-the-art tech and the durability of OEM-structured systems. All these solutions are tailor-made for this market, backed by the reliability of TREMEC’s distribution, service, and support.


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